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Hyundai and Kia Accelerate in the Eco-Friendly Lane: Over 2 Lakh Cars Sold in the US

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In a remarkable feat that underscores their commitment to eco-friendly transportation, Hyundai and Kia have collectively sold over 2 lakh (213,270, to be precise) eco-friendly cars in the United States during the first nine months of the year. This astounding number reflects a substantial increase of 61.6% compared to the same period last year when they had sold 131,986 eco-friendly vehicles. Their performance is even more remarkable when you consider that this year’s nine-month total already surpasses the annual sales of 182,627 eco-friendly cars in the U.S. during the entire year of 2022.

A Breakdown of the Numbers
When it comes to eco-friendly vehicles, Hyundai and Kia offer a diverse lineup that caters to the eco-conscious American market. Among the Hyundai models, the Tucson Hybrid leads the charge with a robust 30,353 units sold, followed closely by the Ioniq 5 electric vehicle model, which contributed 25,306 units to the tally. The Santa Fe Hybrid also played a substantial role, with 16,824 units making their way to consumers.

Kia, known for its popular sport utility vehicles, has made significant strides in the eco-friendly sector. The Sportage Hybrid proved to be a crowd-pleaser, with 30,604 units sold during the January to September period. The Niro Hybrid and Sorento Hybrid also performed admirably, with 20,003 and 19,927 units sold, respectively.

Outperforming Previous Years
The impressive numbers posted by Hyundai and Kia this year have surpassed all previous records. In fact, the combined sales of 2,13,270 eco-friendly vehicles during the first nine months of this year have already exceeded the total sales for the entire year of 2022, which stood at 1,82,627 units. This achievement is a testament to the growing popularity and acceptance of eco-friendly vehicles among American consumers.

Driving Toward a Greener Future
Hyundai and Kia’s remarkable performance in the US eco-friendly vehicle market is not a stroke of luck but a result of their strategic efforts to expand their presence in this segment. Both companies are actively promoting the sale of commercial-purpose electric vehicles that remain eligible for tax credits under the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), even if they are assembled outside of North America.

This focus on eco-friendly mobility has had a significant impact, with the share of South Korean automakers in the US commercial eco-friendly vehicle market surging from a modest 5% last year to an impressive 55% in August of this year, according to the industry ministry. It’s a clear indicator that Hyundai and Kia are not only keeping pace with the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles but also driving the market forward.

In conclusion, Hyundai and Kia’s accomplishment of selling over 2,00,000 eco-friendly cars in the US in the first nine months of this year is a testament to their dedication to sustainable mobility. Their diverse lineup of eco-friendly vehicles, strong sales figures, and expanding market share demonstrate their pivotal role in shaping a greener future for American roads.