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Toyota’s Waiting Game: October 2023 Edition

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In the ever-evolving world of automobiles, staying informed about the latest car models and their waiting periods is crucial for prospective buyers. For Indians eyeing the Toyota lineup, knowing what to expect when it comes to the waiting period is essential. The Japanese automaker, Toyota, is known for its reliability, comfort, and seamless ownership experience. Now, with the increasing demand for its SUVs and MPVs, the automaker is having a tough time meeting the needs of the customers, resulting in a long waiting period for the cars. Let’s delve into the waiting times for some of Toyota’s most sought-after models this October.

Toyota Fortuner: A Dash of Patience Required
The Toyota Fortuner, a rugged and powerful SUV, recently underwent a significant price hike. Available in both standard and Legender versions, it continues to be a favorite among Indian car enthusiasts. If you’ve set your sights on this muscular SUV, be prepared to exercise a bit of patience.

Customers looking to make the Fortuner their own will need to endure a waiting period of up to 13 weeks from the date of booking. What’s noteworthy is that this waiting period is consistent across India, and it remains unchanged compared to the previous month. The Fortuner’s enduring popularity is undoubtedly a key reason for this wait, combined with the limited production capacity.

Toyota Innova Hycross: A High-Demand MPV
The Toyota Innova Hycross, which made its debut in December 2022, has quickly climbed the popularity charts among Indian MPV enthusiasts. Known for its brand reliability and versatility, it has now garnered a notable waiting period in the country.

Prospective buyers have five variants to choose from, namely GX, VX, VX(O), ZX, and ZX(O), along with a range of seven striking color options. However, it’s the hybrid variants of the Hycross that command the most extended waiting period. Those opting for the petrol variants might face a wait of up to seven months. In contrast, those interested in the hybrid version must be prepared for a more extended wait, which can stretch up to a substantial 15 months from the date of booking.

Toyota offers the Hycross with two powertrain choices – a robust 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a refined 2.0-liter petrol-hybrid motor. The gasoline engine produces 173bhp and 209Nm of torque and comes paired with a CVT gearbox, ensuring a smooth and powerful drive. On the other hand, the hybrid powertrain generates an impressive 184bhp and 206Nm of torque, complemented by an e-CVT unit for a more eco-friendly ride.

In conclusion, Toyota’s latest car models come with varying waiting periods, which can be attributed to their unwavering popularity and limited production capacity. Whether you’re eying the rugged Toyota Fortuner or the versatile Innova Hycross, a bit of patience may be required to make these outstanding vehicles your own. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, Toyota remains at the forefront, offering cars that capture the hearts of Indian car enthusiasts and keep them eagerly waiting to hit the road in style.