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Why Liam Doran’s Autograss Mini Pickup is the Talk of Racing Town?

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Autograss takes the checkered flag for its unique charm and grassroots appeal. The Autograss tracks in the United Kingdom, shorter than a quarter-mile and covered in grass or dirt, provide the backdrop for a racing spectacle like no other. Amidst this frenzy is Liam Doran’s custom Austin Mini Pick-Up, a machine designed for the thrill of Autograss racing, showcasing the wild spirit of both the sport and its owner.

A Glimpse into Autograss Racing
While oval tracks dominate short-track racing in the U.S., the UK has its own gem — Autograss racing. Picture this: cars tearing through tracks, no longer than a quarter-mile, covered in grass or dirt. It’s a spectacle where stock cars and purpose-built machines converge to do one thing exceptionally well — go fast on dirt, making sharp turns in a thrilling display of racing prowess.

Liam Doran’s Mini Pickup Marvel
In the world of Autograss, the term “unlimited” takes on a whole new meaning. Liam Doran, renowned for his exploits in rallycross and hill climb racing, decided to dive into the low-buck racing world of Autograss. The result? A jaw-dropping Austin Mini Pickup that defies convention. Built on a tubular steel chassis from X C Worx Chassis Developments, this Mini Monster boasts Ohlin’s dampers, X C Worx lightweight suspension components, and a visually striking body crafted by R&M Motorsport.

Dual Suzuki Hayabusa Engines
Beneath the surface of this Autograss marvel lies its beating heart — or hearts, to be precise. Positioned just behind Liam’s carbon Tillett seat are not one but two Suzuki Hayabusa engines, each a 1,340-cc powerhouse tuned by Dan McKenzie of DM Racing. Linked together through an X C Worx twin-drive box, these engines deliver an exhilarating experience. Weighing in at a mere 1,323 pounds, this Class 7 Mini Pickup is a pocket rocket ready to storm the Autograss tracks.

Artistry in Motion
Liam’s Mini Pickup is not just a racing machine; it’s a canvas that tells a story. Adorned with vinyl wraps showcasing sponsors and personalized tributes to fellow racing icon Ken Block, this Mini Monster is a rolling work of art. Moreover, it symbolizes a transition in Liam’s racing journey. Stepping back from professional racing, he’s embracing a new venture — building a diverse fleet of cars to disrupt traditional racing disciplines and explore the unexpected.

Racing Comfort and Control
Within the spartan interior designed for speed and agility, Liam finds comfort in a Tillett Racing C1 carbon racing seat with an integrated FIA Halo for head protection. Positioned at the heart of the car thanks to the X C Worx chassis, Liam steers the Mini Monster with an OMP Corsica Superleggero wheel, and a Stack gauge keeps him informed about the powerplant’s performance.

As the checkered flag waves on Liam Doran’s Autograss Austin Mini Truck, it signals not just the end of a race but the beginning of a new chapter. Autograss racing, with its unbridled energy, has found a worthy companion in the form of this Mini Monster. Liam’s venture into a diverse car fleet promises disruption and innovation. The Autograss tracks await, and with each turn, the Mini Pickup leaves a trail of excitement, embodying the spirit of racing’s relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.